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Welcome To DayTradingRadio

Thank you for subscribing to Daytradingradio.com. We are thrilled to welcome you into our trading community. Before you start browsing through the site, we have outlined some things you may find useful

To sign into your account, enter your Login Name and your Password at the top of the home page. Most of the tools you will be using are found on the right side of the main page. This will enable you to keep one page running with most of your information close at hand.

When you're signed in, you will see a Trade Alerts link under the video screen. Click the link and the Live Trade Alert box will pop up.  This is where DTRS posts his live trades. Watch the Trade Alert box for quick trades and important breaking news. The Members Chatroom is the third link from the right on the navigation bar. Use this to see what the members are talking about.

Email Alerts:

The Trade Alerts you will receive through email are automatically programed to go to the email that you used to sign up with. If you want your alerts sent to a different email, please contact Brian (dtrbrian@daytradingradio.com) and let him know that you want your settings changed. There are several different alerts that you will receive. Alerts include general market commentary, market updates and swing trade alerts. A Swing Trade Alert is when a trade is either started, taken off or sold. You will also receive a weekly 10 for 1000 Watch-List, from both DTRS. Anytime a stock has been added to the portfolio or when an announcement is posted under Updates on the site, you will receive and email alert. Receiving these email updates allow you to use our service on any phone with email capabilities, without being at a computer.


DayTradingRadio Background:

DayTraderRockStar- DTRS-

(John Kurisko) Is the President and Founder and is also the host of daytradingradio.com. He is the voice of reason from the time you scramble out of bed at 9 a.m. and sit down, until the time you're waiting for the closing bell at 4 p.m. DTRS has been trading for 18 years and has become successful in day to day trades. He focuses on the use of technical analysis and charts, and has developed a trading style based on a set of important indicators.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact dtrbrian@daytradingradio.com. Thank you and please look below for more information that will help you learn more about day trading and the stock market.

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Any further questions, contact dtrbrian@daytradingradio.com

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