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Day Trader Radio

Day Trading Radio Link Exchange

DayTradingRadio is now implying a free link exchange program. Instead of charging to advertise on our site, we feel that exchanging links would be a great, cost effective way to promote both of our services and create a synergy between us.

How it Works

When you supply us with a banner, we will place it in a very prominent and visible location on our main page. We will also mention your service on air, which goes out to thousands of live listeners per day. The number of listeners is increasing each day and getting a spot on our site will allow you to get in on the ground floor.

In return for placing your banner in a prime spot and promoting your product, we will supply you with a banner for www.daytradingradio.com you would place it in a similarly visible area on your site.

This is a completely free program and will benefit everyone who is involved.

Number of visits per month:



As you can see, the number of visits has been sky rocketing in the last couple of months. By exchanging links with us you will reach all of these viewers, plus all of the new viewers that come to the site every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1) How much traffic will you send me?

    Daytradingradio cannot guarantee any traffic volume because your product, ad creativeness and you position in the rotation will have a large effect on this. additionally you should consuder not just direct traffic but the branding effect of being seen on our site on a daily basis and mentions that you will get on the radio broadcast.

  • 2) How many people a day visit DayTradingRadio on Average?

    The site receives about 2,000 unique visitors a day and about 8,500 page view each day as well. These are not the ever nebulous "hit", they are individual unique visitors and total page views. You should also consider locking in long term as our traffic has been growing at an exponential rate since our site has launched.

  • 3) How many people a day listen to the radio broadcast?

    We broadcast using multiple sources Ustream, Justin.tv, Our site, Mogulos, there is usually a minimum of 1000 listeners alone from our main site each day, but this does not include the listeners watching from other 3rd party sources and around the world.

  • 4) What do you mean I "will get mentioned on the show"?

    Simply put, if you are a partner of the show, we will mention you during appropriate times during the show, added bonus is personal touch.



Please contact us at Marketing@daytradingradio.com with your website, and any other ideas you might have in regards to exchanging links with DayTradingRadio

For information regarding larger, paid ad space, please contact Marketing@daytradingradio.com with the subject of "Paid Advertising".