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  • See our charts as we perform technical analysis.
  • Hear Live Trading Set ups
  • Ask questions and interact with top traders
  • Unlimited access 7 days a week 24 hours a day
  • Breaking News Announced on site

Day Trader Radio

Premium Membership Package

Premium Membership Benefits


  • See our charts as we perform technical analysis.
  • Hear Live Trading Set ups and How they happen real time.
  • Ask questions and interact with top traders
  • Unlimited access 7 days a week 24 hours a day
  • Follow the over night markets and track the es mini futures.
  • Powerful educational reviews on trading concepts & techniques daily.
  • Breaking News Announced on site


Knowledge you will gain


  • Trading Plan Development
  • Letting the trade come to you.
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Technical Analysis
  • Position Sizing
  • Money Management Practices
  • Trading Psychology and Discipline


HPS Watch List

High Probability Watch List is 10 to 15 stocks that are technically set up for the week to make a move. These are based on the best patterns and approaching trigger points. Watch List focuses on swing traders who want to generate $500-$1000 per week. Included are buy triggers, sell points, targets and education based on set up. Learn what the set up is and why it will move. All the work done for you, a comprehensive trading set up for the week sent out every Sunday night. These stocks are programmed into the site to send out alerts when trigger price is approached and targets hit.

The S&P 500 Market Outlook (Market Radar)

The S&P 500 Market Outlook provides real time alerts when the S&P 500 index is approaching key benchmark levels. Each day, we evaluate the intraday charts of the S & P 500 in order to discern where the general market is likely to move in the upcoming trading sessions. This invaluable information helps traders align their trading with the general market and avoid trading into potential reversal points.


Swing Trade Alerts

The Swing Trade Alerts includes exact entries, targets, and stop loss. This alert is sent real time when the alerts happen via multiple methods:
E-mail, sms text, and other options can be set up. Swing trades are trades held for a minimum of 2 day and up to 2 weeks. Perfect for traders confined to to pattern day trading restrictions. The 10 for 1000 watch list triggers will also be sent out as an alert for premium members.

Live Market News and Alerts (Conrolled by Dashboard)

Stay on top of the events and issues that affect your trading strategies with breaking, market moving news that is delivered through our shoutbox as it happens, enabling traders to keep their eyes on the charts while staying plugged in to the latest news and economic reports.


Premium Educational Videos

Members only Educational Video Section, High Quality Video describing every aspect being a Day Trader. The video courses includes:


  • Technical Analysis
  • Money Management
  • How to trade as a business
  • Day Trader Taxes, and more.

All offered at high resolution and large screen format.

Premium Members Trading Room

You will gain privileged access to our Live Trading Room Chat. Our members only chat room is moderated by renowned trading expert DayTraderRockStar. Get live interaction between members and hosts. Getting your specific questions answered live by trading experts can increase your grasp of trading concepts, save you time and boost your confidence. When you join you'll have ample opportunities to participate in these real-time question-and-answer sessions.

Live market calls as they happen. Follow along in real time as we trade diverse stocks. Hear us call out the actual trades, view our live indicators and trading charts, and get valuable insider perspectives on how professional traders react and perform.

What's driving the markets today? What trades are we executing right now...and why? What are other traders thinking and doing? Now you can get real-time answers to these questions and many more. Join discussions with your trading colleagues. Each day members exchange ideas, share hot stock picks, new trading strategies.

For many traders, this is a vital part of their trading regimen to converse by text with other likeminded traders, bounce ideas, share viewpoints, discuss the markets, and report on specific trades and results. This valuable contact and support is available to you 24/7. Our Live Trading Room Chat is an essential tool for traders. It's one of the surest ways to gain knowledge and confidence as a trader and keep your finger on the pulse of the markets.

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