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Day Trader Radio

Markets are heading higher, Here are some stocks to be in next week

daytraderockstar post

posted by daytraderockstar

Sep 07, 2018 8:29 pm


As i go over in the video the market seems poised to continue to march higher. Sure there is a lot of overhanging news that could be blamed on for this weeks pullback. I see it as a very organized pullback acting great on the stochastic as it pulls back into a flag that is very similar to the last 6 flags that accompanied a small pullback. Seeing something different here is just trying to be different and make a against the grain call. Logically and technically things look great and any significant pullback will be caused by some news that is more dire then the current state of affairs. So with a strong market this week their are few pure divergences, and none worth pulling on the list. Instead i focus on strong stocks that will continue to act this way...Until they don't! Did you catch that important lesson. The trend is your friend and at this point the markets are at all time highs. I am sure not going to look for shorts yet. Best bet is a great one (Members Only), followed by (Members) and UNH if we get back above 271. These breakout triggers are mostly for scalps as the momentum will come soon after the trigger. Best bet is to find the right option and daytrade it. Also because of the lack of divergences I will try to identify more intra-day divergences on the 5 and 60 so we can scalp the SPY Calls

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Here is review Video and a lot of good info that was also added to the HPS Video Page



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