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Day Trader Radio

Announcement Archive
May 2017

  • The members HPS Watch List is out

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 26, 2017 3:45 pm

    The members HPS Watch List is out http://daytradingradio.com//10for1000 Best bets $NLSN, $UA, $JBHT Plus new setups and Market Radar. Have a great weekend. `



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  • Watch list for week of May 22nd is out with 3 Best Bets

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 19, 2017 5:37 pm

    A great HPS watchlist is out for next week that focus on 3 best bets and many others that are now set up to move. One thing I noticed is that we had many candidates show up in my research. Normally I can find a few pure divergences each week, but this week there was twice as many as usual. When this happens the market pivots and makes a new move higher. News again will be a major factor but you can already feel the effect of last week's news items starting to wear off. The market radar calls for a move higher and unless there is some distracting development I would expect us to make a move to new highs.

    The HPS watchlist can be found here  (Members Only) Click here to Become a Member


    and this Week's Market Radar




  • Next Week's Market Radar and HPS Watch List

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 12, 2017 7:28 pm

    I wanted to start off with a Market Radar as I kinda skipped over that in the main watch list video (Members)

    At this point going into next week, I am slightly bearish. Mostly because of the potential of more distracting news that could snowball into a more serious issue. I just feel better hedging my positions for the next week or two. The Market Radar Is short and precise. 5 Minutes. and of course the members HPS watch List video is much more comprehensive stock watch list that I had to interrupt to go on the air. So there is a portion of the video that I am both on the air and on the video. A little repetitive if you listened to the show today 3pm-4pm



    And this


    This week's Members HPS can be found here


  • Trader's Spotlight LIVE - Tonight 7PM EST - Member's ONLY - sawboy

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    May 11, 2017 2:55 pm

    Trader's Spotlight LIVE - Tonight 7PM EST - Member's ONlLY sawboy!

    Join us tonight for a Trader's Spotlight Live with DTR member "sawboy"

    Tonight we learn about sawboy and the interesting ways he uses DTR's "TradeOMeter" to trade stocks during the day. This should be interesting to hear from him LIVE on DTR.

    This show will be for member's only.



  • Tax software for traders.

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 01, 2017 7:21 pm

    Tradelog Software for Traders

    I got a lot of questions over the last few month leading into tax season about which software to use to compile your trades for tax filing purposes. I am a very lucky trader as I married a very good accountant. Courtney has her own accounting business specializing in..you guessed it. Day Trader Taxes. So I defer to her whenever accounting/tax questions that come up. So I asked her about what software she would recommend for traders. She then informed me that TradeLog was the best in the market and that's what she uses. She also went on to say do not rely on the 1099-B from your broker because they follow a different set of rules for reporting and the 1099-B  may be incorrect and of course that CK Accounting and Taxation could, of course, take care of any of your tax needs.

    The software is also designed for the mark to market accounting method and even Section 481 adjustments, if necessary. Here is there site http://www.tradelogsoftware.com/

    CK Accounting and Taxation has an in-depth knowledge of how to use the software, should you need assistance.