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Announcement Archive
July 2016

  • HPS watchlist and Market Radar for the first week of August

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 31, 2016 10:17 pm


    In case you didn’t know I am on vacation this up coming week. I wanted to check in and share some thoughts on what to expect next week.

    We left off with the markets right near all time highs. I have been adamant on not taking any shorts the last 3 weeks and even though we are extended to a point where most are calling for pullback there are many reasons why we can continue to move higher.

          Even though there is no official HPS watch list for this week, I still see no reason to try to time a big pullback in the market. The last 2 watch list videos and Market Radars made my argument of the markets beginning a larger bullish cycle where we will find the pullbacks smaller and trajectory of the move higher steeper.


    One major call I made a few weeks ago is that the Brexit would not pull the market down as everyone expected, instead it would drive money into the US markets and we would see out market break out to all time highs.


    Here’s my analogy of the current market, There’s always been a saying “When the US sneezes the world catches cold” well that what has happened in 2008 and 2012.


    We had our housing bubble and our financial banking crisis and there is no doubt it effected the the world markets. We recovered and in that recovery had become a blueprint for the world to follow as they are now experiencing issues of there own.


    We had our terrorist attack that rocked the world and sent us to war. The result has changed the way we protect our borders and is an on going concern even today. Today we are seeing terror attacks daily around the world and even lone wolf attacks here in the US.  This is the new world but we have a huge advantage. We are separated by major oceans and the land borders that in comparison with other countries are much easier to manage and control.


    There is no doubt that most of us are in agreement that we have entered a new era in politics and how we interact with other countries of the world. 


    Predicting events will be impossible and I can’t say that the next major crisis is not going to be tomorrow or next week but we have a special way of timing the markets that has been proven to work better then everything else. Until this fails to work I will continue to have the patience to wait for the next great trade. This week I am off and in one way I feel I have a responsibility to follow the markets closely and I will try to do that and update you on any new set ups but remember patience is one of the key qualities of a successful trader. 


    Right now we have multiple time frames that are showing a good chance of a small to medium pullback. Personally I think this plays out to the downside early in the week, but the markets have crushed the market timers. I have a nack for timing my vacation during major market moves. I recommend caution in either case this week.  I will be back on Friday.


    I added a couple charts to show the 60 minute time frame and the daily.. Futures are up at the time of this writing and we can easily gap up tomorrow and then see some selling I will be away from the markets tomorrow somewhere in the swamps of the Everglades..good luck and talk soon


    the bottom chart has a very interesting bullish setup, the stochastics are pulling back and the markets are maintaining a bullish bias overall this is a positive setup for a move higher longer term.

    On a final note i feel news will play a decisive factor in when this market pulls back more then 8%.



  • Part 2 of the HPS watch list has been released secondary set ups

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 22, 2016 7:18 pm

    Time frames on the SPX ( S&P 500) are all showing overbought levels, the 60 Min  Daily,  Weekly and even monthly are extended and in a way have a lot of traders looking or a pullback. I will not be trying to time this pull back a been calling for higher levels for the last 2 months. We have been doing just great with the HPS setups and part one of the watch list video really has all the important trades that are set up for next week. This second video is a deeper look at stocks that really can bring anything better then what we had earlier. I did do a monthly stochastic scan and it has some interesting results.

    I mentions next weeks best bet over 5 times today in the chat room and also explained why I was adding to the position. Needless to say the best bet stayed strong  all day and confirms in most part a great chance for a follow through next week.

    The other stock of interest ins YHOO who we have a good chance of getting an update on the bidding process going on for YHOO's core internet business.

    Over all great week and great HPS list


    you can watch part 1 and 2 of the Members video here


    Here are the charts from last weeks HPS list


  • Early edition of next weeks watch list is out very important Best Bets

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 22, 2016 2:33 pm

  • Mid Week Members HPS watch list has been released

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 20, 2016 8:53 pm



    You can find updated video here.

    I also break the 14 Stocks down to the top 4 best bets.


    The first Half of the video is the market radar and is open tot he public it also contains one of the best bets


  • Next Weeks HPS watch List has been released with Best Bets

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 15, 2016 12:27 pm

    I am leaving the office early today and after such a great week and a super return on  the HPS watch list from last week. I wanted to make sure you got an early look att he list going into next week. There is no doubt we are looking at extended markets and as of right now today Friday I have to remind everyone there are great moments to be long the market, great moments to be short and moment that are great to be neutral or on the sidelines.

    I am still bullish long and medium term, and would not rule out a rally into the close. But we have to wait for some of the HPS stocks to rotate and give us the best opportunities for entry. This video goes into that and the setups for next week. I will be updated the watch list as setups appear. Have a great weekend and stay focused and true to the methodology. You will continue to see great result but wait for the perfect entry.


    Members can View Video here



    I am also releasing last weeks Special HPS Weekly watch list that is perfect for investors looking to put there IRA's or long term portfolio's to work fro them. This is a great video that we based a lot of the trades on this past week and even though the moves have started in these perfect set ups. Today's pullback and possible upcoming retracement in the market will be a great opportunity again to review these key weekly charts and it is still early in the trade on these. Remember this watch list has a time frame of a 1-3 months



  • At office Sunday Night for additional Research New VIDEO

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 10, 2016 7:14 pm

    Working on more great IRA and Long term portfolio positions. I just uploaded another video outlining over 7 more great setups. This video is key for anyone looking to trade there IRA or position into some quality names for 1 month -3 months time frame. 

    These setups will also be great for the shorter time frames also just the beauty is not having to watch them day by day.I will work on getting the charts set up for alerts for these longer term trades like we have on the regular HPS.

    You can view video here

    It is the second video down under the HPS video of the week, I recorded this live so there is other material on it from the discussion with traders in the room.


    Futures Open +1.5


  • Very Special HPS watch list. Special Weekly Setups perfect for IRA or longer term portfolio.

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 08, 2016 7:57 pm

    As most of my thoughts are on the video, I will mention here I am very excited about the longer term setups in this video. I break down 5-6 Best Bets for trades going out 1-3 Months and I am personally positioning into some of these stocks in my IRA by the close Monday. I am glad I was able to identify these setups before they really get moving, These same setups are also setting up for next week and I look to get into them early Monday (Market conditions and news will be a factor)

    The First Video is just a review of this weeks trade and where we should be heading. I a couple stocks that are active on the members watch list but the true IRA watch list is on the Members Only Video


    Here is the Market Radar 



    and the HPS watch list can be found here (Members)


    Try out the membership with a 2 week free trial



  • Trader's Kitchen S1 - EPS3- Chicken-stirfry - Tight_stops

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Jul 06, 2016 10:26 am

  • A perfect HPS watch list for the week of July 4th. Multiple Best Bets

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 02, 2016 12:14 pm

    As we discussed all last week and leading into the Brexit Vote We expected here at Daytradingradio to see the market sell on both a stay vote of an exit vote. We got the surprise exit and the pullback came with it, but the other part of the outlook was we didn't expect the markets to stay down for long,  I just feel that the Brexit and EU issues are isolated for now to Europe and the US markets would gain from by seeing money buy up great quality companies. The other major point of interest is the major daily divergence formed on the S&P when the markets came down fast. the momentum quickly turned to buying and the divergence was locked in and the move that came was impressive.   The HPS watch list and goes into detail on what stocks you need to be in and why i think this is setting up for a major market rally.


    The first part of the video is the Market Radar and that goes till 18:20 The the HPS watch list starts if you want to jump right to that. There are many great setups coming up, I updated the HPS alerts with many new set ups. I also narrow down what i will be getting into early next week. 

    Members HPS Watch list can be viewed here.

     For those who would like a free 14 day trial to experience all the benefits of being a member please please click below.


    Here is the Market Radar for the Week of July 4th 2016 (First 18 min of the HPS watchlist)