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Announcement Archive
November 2015

  • New Watchlist for next week has been updated. It's a good one.

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 27, 2015 6:38 pm

    This week's watch list continues with the great HPS charts. November is about to end and we will begin the most bullish month of the year historically. The S&P has been in a tight consolidation for the past 7 days. This sets us up for a move next week. We have a lot of reasons to believe this market is heading higher and to all time new highs. Lets look at the Pro's and Con's

    Consolidation last 7 days




    The Market has taken everything that has been through at it on the negative side and continues to hold together.

    * Recent under performing earning season

    * Recent French Terror Attacks

    * Recent Russian Bomber being shot down by Turkey and subsequent sanctions by Russia and now Russia deploying a defence missile system on the boarder of Syria well within range of Turkey.

    * We are entering historically the best month of the year and one more interesting stat is that after the market had basically underperformed for the year the following year has had huge upside.

    Here are some charts


    These are considered Pro's just because the market has seemed to have priced in these events and held strong.

    As you know I follow a few important oscillator and those signals has been spot on when predicting a market move  be it up or down. So ask yourself is there more going on here then meets the eye.


    Some of our important oscillators are approaching overbought levels (Daily Stochastics) 

    The 60 Min time frame is starting to roll over but this is actually showing up as a Positive Price Divergence sideway price action as the momentum drops

    The potential for for market moving news is at its greatest level. 

    I still haven't pull the trigger on Hedges I hope that doesn't come back and bite me on Monday, But I have my finger on the trigger. Looking at Spy (Puts)


    Overall the market looks great, I think there is a great chance of taking out all time highs soon, but we most not be over confident and stick to a well defined plan and that's what we have for next week.

    Here is the HPS watchlist for Members

    I been focused on Options a lot lately but as you can see you can get a great return from a very small position with very little downside risk


    SLD 2 CVS Dec1815 93 CALL 3.04 USD NASDAQOM 09:58:04 1.00 +221.42

    SLD 100  DSW @ 24.03 + 1.23

    SLD 2 DE Nov2715 76.5 CALL 3.40 USD GEMINI 09:31:42 0.80 +246.01

    SLD 1 WYNN Dec1815 60 CALL 5.23 USD NASDAQOM 15:03:23 0.80 +176.41

    SLD 3 CVS Nov2715 92 CALL 0.80 USD BOX + 1 12:57:48 2.19 +45.90

    SLD 2 CVS Nov2715 92 CALL 0.91 USD ISE + 1 13:26:56 0.99 +53.07

    SLD 1 DRI Dec1815 55 CALL 2.60 USD GEMINI 13:14:11 0.35 + 77.01 Holding 3 Calls 57s

    SLD 2 DRI Dec1815 55 CALL 2.65 USD PSE + 1 10:19:51 0.10 + 164.61 Holding more 55s and 57s


    Next week should be exciting See you Monday Morning 


    I discuss most of these trades live on the show each day and if you think its worth $1.60 a day then please join up to get all the benefits and research and alerts, real time and commercial free HD broadcast



  • Special Interview with tight_stops on insider trading

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Nov 25, 2015 11:36 am

    As most of you know. Johnny, AKA DayTraderRockStar interviewed our long term member "tight_stops" during the first week in Novebmer. It was a members only event and featured LIVE on DTR. Many members have asked us to post a recording. We just did that for your enjoyment.

    It's in the Member's ONLY Trader Zone at this link:


    Make sure you login to your DTR account first before using this link.



  • Mid Week HPS watchlist with 3 Best Bets

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 24, 2015 8:25 pm

    The List is tight, the stocks are ready, We are already locking in profits on most of these but looking for more upside on all these setups. The only word of caution is the geo-political news that could strike at anytime.

    Markets haven been absorbing every event and it continues to look strong. Whats the next test for the markets.

    Here is the Midweek Update HPS Video with Best Bets put in order from 1-5

    http://daytradingradio.com/10for1000/ (Second Video down )


    The terrorism Wacthlsit released 2 weeks ago continues to look great and for more upside, I didn't go into any real detail on these so please refer back tot he original Watchlist Video

     http://daytradingradio.com/10for1000/issue/367 (the Second video down on the list)




    To get all the Alerts and Research and trade with great traders


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  • Next Week's Watchlist has been uploaded

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 20, 2015 9:36 pm

    Today's watch list is not as exciting as last weeks anti-terrorism watchlist but has a great list of stocks that should move within the next 5 days. In the case of the watchlist we are looking at buys and longs with about 3 best bets but like I said any of these have the odds of moving up soon. Maybe at one point next week I will look at the spy puts but need to see something like the daily stochastic roll over. The 60 is extended and like I say in the video the stocks are setting up sweet. One of this weeks best bets is $EAT a very nice low risk entry.

    This Week's Watchlist can be Viewed here

    I also did a small Market Radar Video out below it also goes over the setups also from next week



    and now for a little look at the calendar

    Click on them to expand

    and a final Note about next week from our good friend Jeffery Hirsh at Stock Trader Almanac

    On average, over the past two decades, all three major stock indices finished up in the three days before Thanksgiving. But the gains didn't stop there. Historically, stocks have risen on Black Friday and all the way through to Christmas.

    In fact, the S&P 500 posted the largest average gain in the three days before Thanksgiving, while the Nasdaq tends to lead in all the other periods.

    This year, however, the Nasdaq is taking the lead. All three indices were higher Wednesday afternoon, but the Nasdaq is leading on the week while the Dow and S&P are both basically flat. The Nasdaq was up 0.7 in the first two days of the week, hitting new 13-year highs. The Dow and S&P were each had one down day this week.

    The trend in recent years seems to be a bit different, according to "Stock Trader's Almanac" publisher Jeff Hirsch. 

    See everyone Monday and look for an great 3 days Trading


  • Best Bets for Thursday and Friday and Market Radar

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 18, 2015 11:00 pm

    Worked on a fast 8 Min video discussing 3 Best bets for tomorrow and a Small S&P Recap along with an update on the Anti-Terror Stocks which I expect to have a big day tomorrow. We are rocking these and we were in at the bottom. 


  • New Midweek Watch List Video to get you ready for tomorrow

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 17, 2015 6:18 pm

    I just uploaded a fast members video discussing some stocks that can move tomorrow, We had some takeover news in NSC that will get the rail popping and we are in CSX plus a run down of some good divergences setting up. Its a fast update and won't take any time to view it.


    Its the 3rd Video down on the list



  • 2015 Anti-Terror Stocks for a Changing world

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 15, 2015 4:43 pm

        After watching the events over the weekend has really cemented my belief that these next few years will bring about more change the world then ever before in the way we protect ourselves not just from terrorist but from other threats. I was a full time trader during 9-11 here in the US and one sector that moved higher after the attack were any stocks that dealt with airport Security Screeners not to mention other type of detection stocks.                        

         I believe after these recent events these security type of stocks will be come in focus again.  I am adding a "Anti-Terror Watch list" to my research and expect many of these stocks to move this week. This week's Members Watch List is The Anti-Terror Stocks on this list.

    Watch Members Video Here

    The first Video on the List is the Market Radar for this week. (This video discusses and details the only setups I will be hunting tomorrow and the rest of the week.) The second is the Watch List.

    I will also send out another Update to any new HPS setups on Tuesday as i want to see how the market digest this recent event. Futures Open in a Few Hours  

    The Video also goes into detail some momentum plays (very cheap stocks .50-3.00 range) that are primed for this type of news to get a lot of momentum traders driving the stock aggressively higher. We will focus on these early tomorrow morning on www.daytradingradio.com 

    Here are a few stocks that are off the anti-terror watchlist

    Click Image to make larger


    Our security business designs and manufacturers airport checked baggage screening systems utilizing our advanced medical CT technology. Our systems are sold through our OEM customers, L-3 Communications and Smiths Detection, to the Transportation Security Administration for installation in U.S airports and to international airport authorities for installation at airports outside of the U.S.


    FLIR Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets thermal imaging, visible-light imaging systems, locater systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and threat-detection solutions worldwide. The company operates in six segments: Surveillance, Instruments, OEM and Emerging Markets, Maritime, Security, and Detection. The Surveillance segment develops and manufactures enhanced imaging and recognition solutions for various military, law enforcement, public safety, and other government customers for the protection of borders, troops, and public welfare.

    MAGS (Focus in Video)

    Magal Security Systems Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells safety, security, site management, and intelligence gathering and compilation solutions and products worldwide. It operates through Perimeter Products, Turnkey Projects, and Security segments. The company offers perimeter security systems that enable customers to monitor, limit, and control access by unauthorized personnel to specific regions or areas. Its perimeter security systems include hybrid perimeter intrusion detection systems with physical barrier; fence mounted vibration detection systems; detection grids, gates, and fences to protect water passages, VIP residences, and other outdoor applications; and buried cable sensors, electrical field disturbance sensors, and microwave sensors. The company also provides RoboGuard, a robot that runs on an elevated rail along the perimeter of protected sites or border lines; and closed circuit television system

    Its products are used to protect national borders, military bases, power plants, airports, seaports, prisons, industrial sites, oil and gas facilities, Olympic villages and stadiums, and municipalities from intrusion, crime, sabotage, or vandalism to infrastructure assets and personnel. The company sells its products through system integrators and distribution channels. Magal Security Systems Ltd. was founded in 1969 and is based in Yehud, Israel.

    OSIS (DTRS Best Bet)

    OSI Systems, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of specialized electronic systems and components worldwide. The company operates in three segments: Security, Healthcare, and Optoelectronics and Manufacturing. The company’s Security segment provides baggage and parcel inspection, cargo and vehicle inspection, hold baggage screening, people screening, radiation detection, and trace detection systems under the Rapiscan Systems name. This segment also offers turnkey security screening solutions under the S2 name. They offer laser based remote sensing devices that are used to detect and classify vehicles in toll and traffic management systems under the OSI Laserscan and Autosense brand names; and solid state laser products for aerospace, defense, telecommunication, and medical applications under the OSI LaserDiode name. OSI Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Hawthorne, California.

    NXTD (Possible Momentum Play)

    Nxt-ID, Inc., an early stage technology company, focuses on products, solutions, and services that have a need for biometric secure access control. The company develops Wocket, a physical electronic wallet that is intended to hold information from credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, identification cards, and virtually any magnetic stripe card to allow the owner of the card to configure a single electronic card to replicate any of the copied cards for mobile payments; and MobileBio VoiceMatch, a method of recognizing speakers and specific words providing multi-factor recognition for allowing an individual access to multiple devices. It also offers FaceMatch, a modular facial recognition system for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers; 3D FaceMatch Biometric Identity System, an identity management platform providing 3D facial recognition, 2D facial recognition, and optional fingerprint biometrics for travel and immigration, access control, and law enforcement; and 3D SketchArtist, a 3D software face composite sketch tool for use by law enforcement professionals for sketching a face. It intends to serve military and homeland defense, law enforcement, commercial, and consumer markets. Nxt-ID, Inc. was founded in 2011 and is based in Oxford, Connecticut.


    There are other stocks in the Video and more thoughts on the recent developments.

    Not to mention  many larger companies that are always attached and contribute to counter-terrorism.

    Personal Defence: RGR, SWHC, TASR

    Military Defence and Larger Security: GD, LLL, LMT, NOC, BA, UTX, RTN

    There are many other stocks that can be added to the list but this is a good start and a great focus list for the weeks and months ahead 


    We get our first look a the markets with the Futures opening @ 6:00pm EST 


    Join a Great Trading Community and see all the benefits of being and member

    Sign Up Here for a 14 Day Trial

  • Open House at DTR today

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Nov 11, 2015 1:25 pm

    Because of a technical issue today with our Livestream provided hardware. .. the non-members broadcast is not available. I opened up the Openhouse dashboard for now so all can enjoy.

    use this link: http://openhouse.daytradingradio.com/

    thanks for watching!


  • I corrected the Audio on the HPS Video Sorry for the Issue

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 08, 2015 1:49 pm

    You can now watch video http://daytradingradio.com//10for1000

    Sorry for the Audio issue..Still can't figure out what went wrong So I did a voice over of the original



  • Watch List is Out: We are riding some great longs into the early part of the week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 06, 2015 7:17 pm

    This past week has been great and I actually was able to profit from some Puts in the SPY  this will be another trade setup but not until we move a little bit higher. Great watchlist that carries over some positions from last week and I have basically 3 best bets but the Number #1 is $R. 

    The watchlist is shorter this week only 30 Min and gets right to point and also outlines some new setups that are in focus but not yet on the the HPS list.

    CSX waiting on the divergence.

    Watch List is here for Members

    Next week should be another blockbuster for the HPS list and I already see some new ones setting up'

    I try very hard to be level headed on the setups but having the patience to just put the Best Setups on the watch list has really paid off this week and I am only more motivated to guide you through the day and point out these great setups.

    For next week we could put any of 4 stocks as the "Kick Ass Trade of the week" But I am really excited about the $R and will share that with you here so you can watch. What makes this set up so nice is the daily stochastics starting to flatline I go into detail on this unique setup and why I expect it to move next week.

    Become a Member of www.daytradingradio.com and get all the research each week these a few of the setups from the last 2 weeks. We have 5 more that are active right now and 3 setting up. 

    You will only get setups that fall into a certain HPS criteria nothing less

    For all the benefits check out http://benefits.daytradingradio.com/daytradingradio-membership-benefits/

    PCLN has earning Monday Morning


    Economic calendar is light early in the week with retail Sales closing out the week

    As far the Market Radar The Market Musical Chairs continue it feels like the music will continue for a bit longer but the chairs are disappearing fast. Next week at one point I will be getting my Hedges back on.

     Become a Member of www.daytradingradio.com and get all the research each week these a few of the setups from the last 2 weeks. We have 5 more that are active right now and 3 setting up. 

    You will only get setups that fall into a certain HPS criteria nothing less

    For all the benefits check out http://benefits.daytradingradio.com/daytradingradio-membership-benefits/