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Day Trader Radio

Announcement Archive
February 2014

  • This Week's HPS Video and Watch List Have Been Uploaded

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 28, 2014 9:41 pm

    Under the the HPS watch list link you will see 2 video's. I split them into a (Review of last weeks trades and current outlook for markets) and (The HPS watch list for this week.) The top video is the New watch list.

    I just didn't want to make one big video and most of the trades in the review section we go over each day. The market outlook is discussed and i give a good review of what happened in the Ukraine today that spooked the market along with a Geography lesson!! 

    Not knowing how the weekend shaped up will make the Sunday night futures open something to check out. That will be 6:00pm et right here.

    Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Chance of a Storm  here in NY on Monday.



  • Market Update and Best Bets For Tomorrow

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 24, 2014 7:14 pm

    Markets started of the week in a strong fashion but ended the day off the highs enough to leave a candle that could lead to some follow through tomorrow to the downside. I discuss in tonight video how this candle is still considered bullish but with all the focus on 1850 and seeing the market close back down under that level it will be a good mark on the chart to watch. There are some stocks on the other hand are not that hard to read and We have 2 Best Bets and a little review of the great flag called this week in ATK which was up over 5 points at one point today closing up 2.68. ATK looks like it has move upside to go.

    SCTY Trading lower after earning this evening and will be in focus tomorrow by a lot of the traders in the room.

    M Has earning tomorrow morning along with EOG, HD, TOL, EXPD, and AMT 

    AMT will be on my radar and would like to get in on this if we get a gap down.

    You can View the Members Updated market Video  here  Its the second one down on the page.

    Have a good Evening



  • StockJocknRoll Show Tonight at 9pm est

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 24, 2014 2:06 pm

    Join the The StockJocknRoll Show for our very own Olympic closing ceremonies on February 24th kicking off at 9pm ET on StockJocknRoll.com or DayTradingRadio.com

    The show will be StockJocknGold as we close out the “Medaling in the Markets”

    We will be discussing items such as: Samsung event in Barcelona, 2014 Sochi Olympics, NetFlix,  Grand Cayman’s vacation pictures/video, Ford F150 vs Chevy Silverado stock battle, California drought stocks, market thoughts and we will continue displaying features of NinjaTrader.  Guest appearances by Josh, Darrin, and Roxanne.


    - See more at: http://www.stockjocknroll.com/sjnr24feb/#sthash.BbD4lsoF.dpuf

  • Option Watch List 2.24.14

    posted by LearJet

    Feb 23, 2014 8:56 pm

    Click here to view this week's OptionsEdge Watch List!



    See you in the #options room on Monday.


  • About OptionsEdge!

    posted by LearJet

    Feb 23, 2014 4:53 pm

    OptionsEdge is a weekly watch list I post inside of the OptionsEdge section of DayTradingRadio.com!

    Click here to learn more about how to generate monthly income with OptionsEdge!

    See you in the #options room,



  • This Week's HPS Video has been uploaded

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 21, 2014 7:55 pm

    The week ended in good fashion as we stayed well within reach of all time highs in the S&P. The markets seemed unfazed even with the violent turmoil happening in Kiev and around the world. The market is at peace with the taper and The Fed seems to feel everything is progressing at a slow pace.

    What is in the future and what will give this market reason to correct or lets say pull back enough to feel comfortable? Not asking that question. I don't have that answer. But, I know how to profit in this market. As long as things are like "this," then I want to continue taking advantage of quality names, but only when they enter High Probability Setup (HPS) zones. Those zones come around in time. The keyword there is time. You have to wait for them. If they are not in the zone and you trade them, you could do fine but you will not have that added area of that combined and converging areas of interest that each alone is reason to take notice but when grouped together, 3+ out of 5, you have boosted your probability of success greatly. 

    I realized early in my research session that it would be hard to find pure HPS's because it's just the area the market is in currently. It's kind of pinned against the highs. Understanding this is great, as patience and discipline are easy to talk about, but another story trying to practice what you preach. I dug deep this week and came up with some gems, but the picking was small this week but that comes with the market. Understanding that is an indicator in itself!

    After all that, I love this week's watch list!  I have 3 best bets and a great flag in $ATK that I don't know enough about to put in in the HPS site. But I go over many flags that have formed this week. I also have a Chart Bounty Stock which is one of the best bets for the week and finally some great education on HPS's and reversal candles

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    See you Monday morning

    You can View Video here 

    HPS Site


  • Options Watch List 2.18.14

    posted by LearJet

    Feb 17, 2014 11:36 pm

    Click here to view this week's OptionsEdge Watch List!



  • Early Release of HPS Watchlist

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 13, 2014 9:01 pm

    Getting the watch list out early this week. I will be broadcasting tomorrow as RPM makes his way up north to DayTradingRadio Headquarters. Looking forward to a great meet up Sunday night. I would say we are expecting 50-70 members and friends to converge for a great time. I will update everyone over the next couple days on any other activities planned for the weekend and trade show. 

    Watch list can be viewed here


  • Options Watch List 2.10.14

    posted by LearJet

    Feb 09, 2014 6:27 am

    Click here to view this week's Options Edge!




  • This Week's HPS Video and Market Outlook: Is it Time to Hedge?

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 07, 2014 7:01 pm

    The reality of the situation is that the markets are acting normally. It's the tremendous microscope that is hanging over the markets these days that has seemingly brought back a lot of the fear. When we look to read the fear, we turn to the $VIX. I spotted a interesting level that lines up with each recent pullback in the market. It is not fool proof, but it adds to the opinion that I think we move a bit higher before we see if this recent run is a bearish channel bounce. I am staying away from saying bear market bounce, because that is not the case yet and especially after the last 2 days.

    The $VIX could hold some clues. 

    The fantastic candlesticks that was put in the last 2 sessions are also adding to the bullish bias. This type of candle has proven to be the beginning of larger moves higher.

    The key is to see if we fail to move to new highs. This will probably happen at one point considering the break down through previous lows. Going into next week, I am looking for a better opportunity to get back into the SPXU, but want to see at least a failure and cross back down on the daily stochastics. 

    Look at those candles above. It's hard to not expect some follow through

    Bad news, of course, will derail the train fast so the risks are out there. I feel it would have to be more then a debt ceiling debate.

    Going into next week, I am extremely bullish in $GIS and $PG. There are also very strong charts in ACT and DLB these and a full list of HPS stocks can be found here for members. Video Here: Members Video Watch List and the HPS site here http://hps.daytradingradio.com/


    Members Party Next Week and Trade show Info Here

    Don't forget to try some of the partner add-ons

    Information on these are below.

    Options Edge News Letter

    The Trading Algo X Indicator 

    The Gas Bot

    The Frackbot  members discount link Members Discount Link use this CODE for $25/month OFF DTRSES


    Have a great weekend 



  • Tech Talk : Linux Challenge $100/PayPal prize

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Feb 07, 2014 11:31 am

    Details on the challenge are in the following DTR Thread on the forum. questions should be posted there or to me in the chat room PMs. Prize is $100/PayPal from myself out of respect for ANYONE who can pull this off first. It took me 4 days ..like 6 hours.


    Good luck!



    Congrats to MattiMo for pulling this off in about 4-5 hours today which took me about the same time but took me 4 days.RPM WEB SERVICES, you have sent $100.00 USD to Matthew *****


  • Thursday After Hours

    briguy post

    posted by briguy

    Feb 06, 2014 3:46 pm

    Briguy's Breaking Briefs (DTR1, 5:00pm ET)

    What you turn on When the markets turn off.  Join us for news, earnings, and tunes.

    It's Movie Trailer Thursday. We'll also look at the Public Companies behind this weekend's films.

    Reminder: I'll be broadcasting music and news through the main channel, so mute or pause the other channels to avoid any echo.

    During show, you can reach me at:

    Twitter: @briguytrading

    Email briguy@daytradingradio.com  

    Text: 908-583-0485

  • Midweek HPS Update Video with Best Bet for tomorrow

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Feb 05, 2014 6:56 pm

    Tomorrow and Friday should be a busy day with the ECB rate announcement tomorrow at 7:45am et and the U.S Jobs report on Friday morning. 2 potential market moving event. In this video I go over the 60 min chart and that still have a bullish tone to it, but because of all the upcoming news we have to understand the technical indicators will loose their effectiveness if you know what I mean. I go over some scenarios and the SPXU trade on the horizon.  Tomorrow best bet is great I will be looking for up to a 1.00 in profit before weeks end.  There are 2 great examples of coiled stochastics one below in GIS and the other KR.


    You can View Updated Video here. It is the second video (the lower one) 


    Tune in Tonight for Reignmakers Round table (900pm et)  where Gary will be discussing His trading methods, including  MACD and trading with Keltner Channels.

    Tonight @ 9:00pm




  • Day Trading Radio NYC Get Together on February 16th, 2014

    DTRBrian post

    posted by DTRBrian

    Feb 04, 2014 11:32 am

    On Sunday, February 16th, Day Trading Radio will be hosting a get together for it's members at Gaf West in NYC from about 8:30 pm to around midnight.

    The Traders Expo will be having it's reception from 4 to 7 pm on Sunday, which will leave you enough time to get a bite to eat before you make your way over to our party. The venue doesn't have any food so we suggest you get some food before you show up.

    It's about a 10 minute walk from the Marriot to the Gaf, with a lot of great places to eat in between the two.

    If you'd like to attend the Traders Expo, you can find out more information here

    And don't forget to sign up for the DayTradingRadio get together here


    Hope to see you all there!!!



  • Options Watch List 2.3.14

    posted by LearJet

    Feb 02, 2014 10:49 pm

    Click here to view this weeks OptionsEdge!