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Day Trader Radio

Announcement Archive
November 2014

  • Options Watch List 12.1.14

    posted by LearJet

    Nov 30, 2014 3:22 pm

    Click here to view this weeks OptionsEdge Watch List!



    See you all in the #options chatroom on Monday!

  • The HPS Watchlist for week of Dec 1st 2014 is out

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 28, 2014 9:42 pm

    What an awful day ..LOL  when things go bad they go bad... My main broadcast computer failed today and Paul and I tried everything to get  things back up and running. No luck. I was able to get the watch list video done and it is a very good one so soak it up. It has 3 best bets on it for next week. 2 great flags and a nice dual stochastic time frame momentum play. 

    On a good note about 10 Minutes before my Computer crashed i was able to take profits in AMGN. Still look great but the profit was there and so was the reasoning. We did trade lower after the initial move higher.

    There is usually a nice write up that goes along with the video that you get here but again things went bad. The post failed to save and I lost it all . Today for some reason I am not cursing. I can only chuckle and smile..Life goes on. There will be days like this and If they come about infrequently as they have been then I will take it as a pullback in a bigger uptrend. 

    I wish I had the energy to re post some thought but I am exhausted and will let the video do the talking this week. There is a important Divergence I wrote about with the Russel and the $SPX and how the Russel tends to lead the market when changing direction. So I will be focused on the Russel next week and discuss this set up early Monday morning. 

    The maroon line is the Russel and you can see the cross back down


    This weeks Watchlist can be found here.

    The HPS Site for active set ups can be found here.

    Well that's as much as I have in me today. Have a great weekend and see you in the markets on Monday


  • New HPS watch list is out. Lots of shorts are setting up..

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 21, 2014 9:49 pm

    Lots of shorts are setting up as indicators start to roll over in the face of a big pop today. I respect the strength of this market and not expecting any big pull backs soon. I have a couple hedges that need to be watched next week, but other then that the set ups have been golden. CS, DB, ATI, PCP, CAB, OSK  all these had a couple things in common.. They are quality names and have great HPS charts. I go over these in a review then get into the meat of next week. You will see a lot of apparent "Divergences" that are typical of great shorts. I will definitely be in a few of these early next week (Monday). Lots of Info and lots of stocks..get out your note pad and settle in. 

    You can watch Video here

    and the alerts and charts are all here for your reference 

    I am currently working right now on a new HPS futures section for DTR and will finish up a video of the 2nd week of the HPS Futures 30 day testing phase of 2 HPS patterns I trade the ES with. This has exceeded every expectation I had going into this project. The discipline alone that I forced my self to adhere to when taking these set ups (patterns) is probably a major reason all these trades continue to work out indifferent to market direction. I find myself now like I was back in the mid 90's a little bummed out that Fridays came around and the lonnngggg weekend was here. Doesn't matter I have a lot to do and the whole method has been recorded and saved. So that's what going to be in the HPS Futures section with some big surprises. 

    oh yeah..I been going through this process and sharing it with the general public via social media Youtube..ect.. I am realizing now I really don't want to share this anymore. Well not for free. It is worth way to much, and from now on all the research notes, videos and education behind this will be placed on the HPS Futures section of the site. (Members Only) Become a Member.

    So that's about it for now It's getting late and I am slowing down..

    Have a great Weekend 



  • HPS Chart Key and recap of today's action

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 17, 2014 8:23 pm

      During the 1 month process I will be pointing out all the HPS zones on the Emini S&P futures contract. I wanted to put out a key to all the lines and shapes you might see on the chart as I plot out the markets course.

    The charts under here is the the first day of the second week and I also did a video on this day as the Dual Stochastics set ups were extremely accurate .

    The only HPS set up was the Lane Divergence around 13:30pm est,,That was also a Tradeometer setup. Looking back the market was very organized and no big surprises.  

    I also did a recap on today as the Dual Stochastics have really shined bright. Well I do think this is borderline incredible. When you look at the areas on this chart where the indicators lined up you will see 12 out of 13 of them forecast-ed a turn and opposite move. But this is only part of it. I am concentrating on even higher probability area's. The Lane divergence was a spot on again today and I don't recall it failing yet even last week. Either way you have something special here. I guarantee you will do better having these signals on your side instead of against you. So simple rule. Make sure you have the 5 min stochastic and preferably the 1 min dual pointed in the direction of your trade. Simple and effective. Watch the show all day I am pointing out the buy and sell areas live.


    Have a Great Evening DayTraderRockStar

  • HPS Watch List and Review of HPS Patterns on ES first week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 14, 2014 10:21 pm

    Seems like there is so much to talk about and not enough time in the day. I been working on next weeks watch list for 12 hours now and that fine, I love doing this and I love seeing the results. I am just mad there is not another 3 hours in the day. 

    Here's this weeks Watch list Video and don't forget there are 2 parts!

    This weeks watch list is a solid one with the 2 Best Bets being shorts, but I am not really digging deep into the overall big picture tonight. Instead quality setups and really nice patterns. I get sidetracked early as I was watching the futures to any HPS patterns I wanted to trade..and sure enough we got the Dual Stochastic Flag set up and I was able to record it live and you can hear the emotion a trader goes through when following a trade. The beauty of what I am trying to accomplish this month is to eliminate the emotional side of things like doubting an entry or second guessing yourself, It all falls under the same category "Confidence"  

    Now with a detailed road map  of High Probability Patterns and clear reasoning behind why the market act the way they do. We have evened the playing field. Over the next month I will break down each days chart and point out all the HPS patterns and we will trade those using the Stage5Platform and trading down. You can download the platform here Stage5trading Demo Platform and follow along. I am excited to discuss the first week of the set ups I do things better on video as I can go over a lot more info  then typing so this video will cover the first week Hope you enjoy it and I think you will be pretty impressed.

    Under the Video are the charts of each day with the trades and points of interest labeled


    You can also watch video here in High Definition


    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

  • This Weeks Watch List and E-mini S&P Futures Trading Next week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 07, 2014 8:52 pm

    Next week will be fun. (Period) The Watch List is available here and is broken down into 3 sections.

    http://daytradingradio.com//10for1000 Members Only 

    The First part (00:00- 37:57) Next week I will start trading the E-mini S&P Futures using the HPS Methodology. I used to trade the futures a lot but moved a way from in the last 2 years. Do to a couple reasons: Beginner traders would be drawn to the futures like a moth to a flame because of the lure of fast money. Not realizing the risks and speed involved and not having the experience to understand market psychology and having control over their emotions. Just like there are very good Playbook HPS plays for stocks these same setups can be applied to the futures chart but on a faster time frame. 

    Over the years I have isolated the best patterns to trade the futures with. These setups combine the CORE of HPS with the confluence of multiple indicators and the added values and Volume Profile Levels that are supplied to us by FT71. So I want to start off defining the setups and the conditions for the trade then put these setups through a 1 month testing period. If you are interested in following along and testing the strategies using your platform please do. or Download the Stage5Trader Demo Platform and follow along live and learn using a great platform. 

    I am excited to start this new segment and coverage of the show. I will be releasing more E-mini trading videos defining the setups and the overall system..stay tuned and down load the demo for Monday.

    oh and that second reason I don't trade futures as much, It takes a lot of concentration and I get too sidetracked to cover the markets and focus on everything else that goes on during the show..Questions, Comments ect can just cause you to loose focus and it just takes a momentt to have a trade slip away.

    But now with the defined patterns to trade and sticking to a set of rules It should let me juggle the show  and trades and whatever else pops up.

    The Second Part of the Video (37:57-46:21) Is a basic Break down of Stochastics and what is the difference between Fast slow and Full and How I use them and more into how we are going to sue them for trading next week. I think this is a great explanation on stochastics and how they work.

    The Final Part Starting @ 46.21 Goes over this weeks HPS watch List and this I have to say was a tough one after crushing stocks like OSK, and LULU, SNE and BABA it is harder to find those quality setups without looking at the Short side of the table. and I have shorts on the table now. Best Bets stay with PCP.

    Ok Well See everyone Monday and have a great weekend.






  • Monetary Morphine DayTradingRadio's Dailynewspaper.

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 03, 2014 5:55 pm




  • High Probability Watch List for First week of November

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Nov 01, 2014 5:22 pm

    So much has happened in the markets over the last 2 weeks. Most of the commentary about the markets have been focused on the strength and range of the move off the recent lows. I have to agree that the strength has been impressive, but in no means unbelievable. In fact after scanning through over 500 stocks and indices the main conclusion here is that we will see higher prices. Now with many stocks extended into overbought territory It need to be said that there could be some consolidation and small pullbacks. The video goes over a lot. Both longs and shorts and a new wedge pattern which I love to get into this week.  The second half of the video goes into detail on why I can see this market going higher and the reason I might get out of my hedge. That reasoning comes from the great weekly charts that are now getting extremely bullish. I also identify at least 3 Lane divergences on the weekly time frame, something i don't pay attention to as much but not that I see them I am curious to follow them and possible take some position based on them.

    There is a lot on the video hope you enjoy it

    This weeks Video can be found here

    I really enjoyed looking for the 1 min Lane Divergence's on the es futures chart Thursday and Friday and I will continue to identify these and begin boxing them out on the chart. along with the Dual Stochastic Flags setup.

    Here are some snapshots of those setups

    This looks like a great short setting up.

    Below is an example of the set up in CLX and Below that is the Current CLX setup


    About mid point in the Video I discuss why it's so important to have a system and to recognize when you step outside those boundaries. Its just a heart felt talk about trading and how we all need to find our own way.

    Make sure you way is logical in approach and has a good history of success behind it and most likely we will all meet on the same path which is the best path.