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  • Summer Trading is Heating up at Day Trading Radio

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 17, 2018 9:09 pm

    Trading is picking up here at Day Trading Radio Try out a trial


    Here is the recent trades, The future trades are alerted live and not sent out on email or text as they usually move to fast. Here is a outline of the last few days.

    Learn the Methodology here www.theschoolofstock.com

    and get the trades and join the trading community here

    Team DTR

  • DTR's new in-house low latency broadcast.

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Jul 13, 2018 11:18 am

    Please help us test the new DTR streaming platform on this page. http://dtr.tv .
    If you get an error you may need to enable flash for the page. see this demo. http://charts.dtr.tv/r-p-m/19e5b9350086e878d9d29a46d1f8d7ff.mp4

    The page should run on chrome.
    The dashboard for memebers will soon contain this new feed as well as news and music options.
    Thanks for your support and patience while we improve the service.


  • Service upgrade announcement

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    Jul 11, 2018 8:48 am

    NOTE: Login to your dashboard like normal today, look for main video controls while hovering on the main video.

    DTR is in the process of building out an in-house audio/video network with near zero latency feeds (sub half second), a true non Flash player system with no plugins required. During this process over the coming weeks, the Benzinga news will be included in the main broadcast stream. There will be no music while we use a temporary provider that doesn't allow it.  I am building out our in-house streaming network now and bits and pieces will show up as we make progress. The main members dashboard will be much improved, lighter weight on the browser resources and give you even more control. While we go through this process we thank you for your patience and support. Great things to come soon! Stay tuned and thanks!


  • Special Announcement on show for tomorrow

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jul 10, 2018 10:21 pm

    We are in the process of transitioning to a new streaming server. This has interrupted our live stream show on the daytradingradio.com dashboard. 


    Please note: Use this link to watch the show 




    All other features of the dashboard are functional except the music and news. The Trade alerts and the HPS alerts are not effected and will continue to work. We are working quickly to transition and will update you on the progress tomorrow. 



  • Tune in tonight for a special after-hours show, The GAS Class. 8:00pm-11:00pm

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jun 11, 2018 4:14 pm

    Tune in tonight for a special after-hours show, The GAS Class. 8:00pm-11:00pm

     Our long time member GAS will be hosting a live presentation on using the built-in powerful order entry tools found in most of modern trading platforms. He will demonstrate in the Tradestation platform how to create and store multi-level orders which can be placed with a couple of clicks of your mouse. Other topics will include counter-trending, breakouts, how you broker manages order-cancels-order vis-a-vis the actual exchanges. Members are encouraged to ask questions via the DayTradingRadio chat room.

    Seen you at 8 PM ET.

    If the markets are moving on any Trump-Kim News I will continue the coverage


  • Special Free Edition of the HPS Watch List for the Week of June 11th

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    Jun 08, 2018 10:31 pm

    There is just so much great trading happening at www.daytradingradio.com that I wanted to share a couple gems and trades we are in and looking at. This is just the beginning of the watch list video that goes out every Friday. I am sure you will gain a few nuggets of info that will turn into profits next week. Enjoy.

    Free version is the first 12 Minutes of the 40 Minute Members Video

    High Probability Watch List for the week of June 11th New setups on this weeks watchlist have been added before today in special members update videos, this has paid off well as we have a nice head start on the Best Bets going into next week. Feeling great about the markets is not a warning, We to strike while the going is good and it is good! The setups are rolling in now and just let them work and adhere to stops. Our traders in the room this week have been on fire. Thanks for posting real time trades. I have learned long ago that this site is great because of the many elite traders that share there info and there trades. Together we provide the most valuable trade setups to our fellow traders.

    Next week I have many Best Bets. Including (MEMBERS ONLY) few more. Look for any updates early in the week if new setups appear.




    Video Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPL3Uc3PzXg&feature=youtu.be



  • Sale: DTR Lifetime Premium !!

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    May 27, 2018 8:44 pm

    Many of you have NOT converted your DTR membership into a Lifetime package. The reasons are obvious, but we thought in honor of Memorial Day and the fallen Heroes, we would like to sweeten the deal.


    The package which includes the TradeOMeter.(Lifetime)

    DTR Premium Plus TradeOMeter LIFETIME Special ($1,799.00)


    Is on SALE until June 1st. $300 OFF ($1,499.00)

    Use Coupon: A4F21A992D


    Signup here:


    If you have ANY questions, contact me rpm@daytradingradio.com

    I can also Invoice you and split up the payments.

    Also make sure if you order the Lifetime that you cancel the automated monthly subscription you might already have. I'm here to help if anyone has questions or needs.


    Paul Mathews (RPM)
    Director of Operations


    Day Trading Radio
    85 North Broadway
    Nyack, New York 10960
    Phone: (845) 535-1495

  • New Watch List for Next week is released and Update On Trading Momo Stocks

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 25, 2018 8:49 pm

    Well as a trader I hate 3 day weekends, but the trading environment feels so good right now and the setups are some of the best I have seen. I will relax but look forward to Tuesdays open. On that note I feel the end of the holiday week went better then expected, as the market gapped up Monday and just drifted into the end of the week.



    I feel this sets us up for a nice pop Tuesday. We shall see what if any news comes out over the weekend that can effect that call.


    Great watch list best bets in (MEMBERS) the others are right up with them  VERU will be presenting next week at the Asco https://www.asco.org/ I would love to see some news released at this point, but as we heard in the conference call the time line was pushed back a month on both 1/2 phase testing on one of there drugs, and expected contracts. I am thinking of putting a standing sell order in at 2.80-3.00 to scale out of a portion of my position, maybe half and determine the next step after any type of news.

    This week's Watchlist Video in on your Trader dashboards


    Holding some low price stocks recently, and i am hearing good things and bad things, Day Trading Radio and the HPS methodology is based on trading quality names with a exact criteria which brings are risk way down. That's will always be our bread an butter and my passion. It works so no reason to change. The newer cheap momentum plays are just that a higher risk trading strategy that is not meant for everyone. I happen to have some associates who move markets and deal with small cap stocks, I have been testing out the calls I have been getting every morning and taking these with the members and as you have seen the results have been better then I have expected.


    SLD 300 BLNK @ 3.385 USD DARK + 1 10:39:58 1.04  trades

    3304 10:16:02 05/07/18 

    BOT 300 BLNK 2.48 USD ISLAND 10:15:05


    Higher Risk Spec BOUGHT 300 OPHC @ 5.155 

    Sold OPHC 300 @ 7.00 

    3376 10:46:21 05/17/18


    DayTraderRockstar: Higher Risk Bought AVGR 300 @ 2.01

    DayTraderRockstar: Sold AVGR 300 @ 2.38 +.37


    And of Course VERU 



    DayTraderRockStar: Bought VERU 2000 @ 1.41 added to position Total 5000 Shares @ 1.35 High Rick Speculative trade. I have added greatly to this position and am still holding.


    So those are the cheapies and there will be more but it comes with higher risk. I am in (Members) currently 1K @ .55 and today picked up a spec stock on my own just because of all the school shooting I did some research on gun detection and I found this little gem PTOTF. Small position because the chart looked ok and the shooting seem to be in the news everyday. this might get some attention soon.


    Well that's a wrap Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend see you in  the Markets on Tuesday




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  • DTR Weekend Maintenance

    RPM post

    posted by RPM

    May 19, 2018 11:18 pm

    DTR Weekend Maintenance

    During Saturday and Sunday May 19-20th I will be updating and migrating some of the services to new hardware to increase capacity and feature sets for the future.

    The following features on DTR may not function as expected off and on during this period this weekends.

    Chatrooms (all versions0
    Music Stream
    News Audio
    Aux Cannel
    TradeOMeter (New signals until Sunday Night)

    I do not anticipate it taking more then 20 hours. Efforts are being made and I am working non-stop for full services by the time of the market open on Monday.

    Thank you for understanding and your membership and support at DTR!



  • New HPS Watch List is out for Next week

    daytraderockstar post

    posted by daytraderockstar

    May 18, 2018 5:56 pm

    Next week should be a great week for the markets. Not to make a call on direction but on the compression of the trading range this week. Today the Tradeometer on the E-mini futures nailed ever entry zone. This was perfect conditions for the TOM . This is an invaluable tool for future traders.

    On to the watch list.. Stock on this weeks watch list include. (Members Only) As for Best Bet I like the (Members Only) reversal candle and will look to get into that early next week.  I have also been getting into some more aggressive scalp that are basically momentum daytrader plays. Low float fast big moves. This weeks trade were BLNK for DayTraderRockstar: + SLD 300 BLNK @ 3.385 USD from our entry at 2.48.

    and the other was  Higher Risk Spec BOUGHT 300 OPHC @ 5.155 USD ISLAND         Sold @ 7.00

    Look for more of these next week for sure as the environment is ripe for these trades.

    Like I said next week looks to be great. I will see you in the markets



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